Effect Size matters.


Listen + Analyze + Implement + Empower + Measure Speak

Analysis, strategy and implementation

  • Violence Reduction
  • Cannabis Policy
  • Reentry Solutions
  • Drug Abuse Control
  • Poverty alleviation and community engagement


Core competencies

  • Assembling teams of national and local subject-matter experts
  • Sharing evidence-based best practices
  • Conducting training and technical assistance
  • Convening stakeholders for community meetings
  • Designing data systems: collection, fidelity and analysis
  • Creating surveys: design, administration and analysis
  • Providing guidance on statutes and ordinances
  • Handling project management
  • Measuring  market demand
  • Presenting findings in journals, at conferences and in the mainstream media



 (Rowe, co-author)  Violence and Drug Control Policy  (Oxford University Publishing)

(Rowe, co-author) Violence and Drug Control Policy (Oxford University Publishing)